Booking Policies


  • There is no on-site office at the complex.
  • Bookings are not confirmed unless your deposit has been physically received by us and we have confirmed receipt of your payment in writing and advised you by email that your accommodation is confirmed.
  • A deposit of 50% of your total accommodation cost is payable at the time of making your booking.
  • Once your final payment has been received, as far as possible you will  receive your access details (Door PIN Code) to your apartment by email, approx. 7-10 days prior to your check-in date.
  • Prior to making a booking, guests are required to exercise due diligence in thoroughly researching the property to ensure that it meets their specific needs.  Any questions regarding what facilities are or are not provided in a particular apartment should be made in writing to the manager.  You will receive a written response.
  • Guests are advised that only the two bedroom apartments have external balconies.  All ground floor apartments have at least two steps to access them. No lift/elevator is available to access upper level apartments.
  • We regret to advise that our apartments are not wheelchair friendly and may not be suitable for those with moderate to severe disabilities.
  • No refund will be provided if after booking and making payment, the guest decides not to stay or seeks refund on the grounds that an apartment does or does not have a specific facility (eg. a balcony or disability access etc) unless such advice has been provided by us in writing and is factually incorrect.
  • Guests are advised that not all of our apartments face the River.  Some apartments are located at the rear of the building with lovely views of our lush tropical garden.
  • Guests should not rely solely on our free WIFI internet, particularly if internet access is important to you.  If important, we recommend bringing a backup internet source (e.g. mobile broadband) with you in the unlikely event of a problem.
  • Whilst not recommended, if guests make an online booking the same day they intend to arrive, they MUST make urgent telephone contact to confirm that their booking information has been received by us and their payment processed.
  • Entry to your apartment will not be possible unless a door PIN code has been provided by us in advance of your arrival.
  • Whilst we endeavour to answer telephone calls and emails as promptly as possible, we do not warrant that we are available 24/7 to receive and immediately respond to all calls and emails.
  • Broadview Apartments are not Serviced Apartments or a motel.  An initial supply of tea, coffee, sugar, milk, toilet paper,  shampoo, soap, washing powder and garbage bags etc are provided on arrival.  Once this initial supply is exhausted, guests will need to supply their own provisions.
  • Clean towels and linen are provided for guests on arrival.  Periodic cleaning of the apartment, making of beds, changing of linen and replacement of abovementioned supplies is not provided during a booking.  Guests will be responsible for their own cleaning, and washing of towels and sheets etc. as needed during their stay.
  • Some apartments at Broadview accept dogs, some don’t.  Some apartments have a size limit for dogs (eg. Apt 1 = 10kg).  If you wish to bring your dog, you are advised to contact us prior to making your booking.


  • Payments may be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
  • A (non refundable) 1.5% Credit Card fee applies to Mastercard and Visa payments. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Amex.
  • Final payment is due and payable 10 days prior to your arrival (Xmas/New Year & Easter excepted – see below1)
  • For Xmas/New Year Bookings (17 Dec to 18 Jan) and Easter, the full or final balance of your payment is due ‘one month’ prior to your arrival date.  Where full/final payments are not received within four weeks (28 days) of your arrival date, your booking will be cancelled.  No refunds will be provided.


  • We cannot rent our accommodation to Schoolies or those involved in Bucks or Hens celebrations.  
  • If bookings by such groups are made without our knowledge, once identified, licence to use our accommodation will be immediately revoked and your booking terminated without refund.


  • Only apartments 2 and 3 are ‘Pet Friendly’.  Guests must bring their own bedding and food/water bowls for their pet and it is not to be permitted onto any of the furniture at any time.  A $100 cleaning fee will apply (automatically debited from your Credit Card) if pets are found to have been on any of the furniture.
  • If pets are brought into any other (non “Pet Friendly) apartment without consent, a minimum $100 cleaning fee will be automatically debited from the guest’s credit card to cover extra cleaning, laundry and sanitisation costs.
  • If complaints are received concerning noise such as barking etc, your booking may be termininated without refund.


  • When making your booking, we will require your Credit Card details for our $700 security bond.  The bond is NOT debited from your card unless there is damage to furnishings or fittings within the apartment, extra cleaning required or there is a false fire alarm activation within your apartment.
  • Broadview Apartments has 24 hour fire monitoring. As the NSW Fire Brigade MUST attend all activations of our fire/smoke alarms, fines are issued by the Fire Brigade for “false” alarms (usually caused by guest’s cooking smoke).  These fines (including monitoring company admin fees and GST) are approx. $693.75.  If a false fire alarm occurs within your apartment during your stay, the Fire Brigade’s fine will be debited from your credit card or else passed onto you for payment.


  • We ask that when our guests leave the apartment, that it is in as close to the condition of how it was found, as is reasonable.  Cleaning of your apartment (including laundry) after your departure is generally included in your tariff.
  • On departure, if an apartment is left in an unreasonable (dirtier than normal) condition or there are heavy stains on linen/towels etc, any extra cleaning costs incurred (exceeding normal 2hrs for one B/room apts,  2.5hrs for Apts 3 & 7, and 3hrs for Apt 2) will be charged to the guests/debited from Guest Credit Card @ the rate of $40 per hour in half hourly increments (min. extra time charged will be 1 hour).


As discussed above, Broadview Apartments has 24 hour automated fire monitoring. As the NSW Fire Brigade MUST attend all activations of our fire/smoke alarms.  Fines up to $1400.00 (including monitoring company activiation fees and GST) are issued by the Fire Brigade for “false” alarms (see below).

If a false fire alarm occurs within your apartment during your stay, the Fire Brigade’s fine will be debited from your credit card, or else referred to you for settlement.

Using the exhaust fan above the stove (where fitted) opening windows and keeping other doors closed between the kitchen and other rooms when cooking will help prevent cooking smoke reaching the smoke detectors.

Please do not spray insect spray, hair spray or any other sprays in the vicinity of ceiling sensors.

The main causes of false alarms are:

  • Burnt toast
  • Cooking fumes/smoke
  • Steam
  • Aerosol sprays


  • All bookings must be cancelled in writing.
  • A $45 admin fee will be withheld from all refunds provided.
  • If you cancel your booking more than two calendar months prior to arrival, any monies paid will be refunded less the $45 admin fee.
  • If we receive your written cancellation request for all or part of your booking less than two calendar months before your nominated arrival date (Xmas/New Year & Easter bookings excepted…see below 2), any monies paid will not be refunded unless we can relet the apartment for the same period of time and value. If we can relet your dates to the same value, then we will refund any payments made, less the $45 admin fee. If the relet value is less than your original value, the difference will also be deducted from any refund paid.
  • 2 For Xmas/New Year Bookings (17 Dec to 18 Jan) and Easter, any cancellation within ‘one month’ of your arrival date will result in forfeit of all monies paid.  No refunds will be payable.
  • Any refund payable by us will not be processed until after your original booking dates have passed (for cancellations less than 2 months prior to arrival).  Not including Xmas/New Year of Easter where maximum one month applies.


  • All requests to transfer/change your dates must be made in writing.
  • If a change of dates is requested more than two calendar months prior to arrival, any monies paid will be applied to your amended dates at no cost.   If we have no vacancies for your amended dates, any monies paid will be refunded less the $45 admin fee.
  • If a written change of date request is received less than two calendar months before your nominated arrival date (Xmas/New Year & Easter bookings excepted…see below 3), any monies paid cannot be applied to your amended booking dates unless we can relet the apartment for your original booking dates.
  • For Xmas/New Year Bookings (17 Dec to 18 Jan) and Easter, any change of dates will not be possible within ‘one month’ of your nominated arrival date.  No refunds will be provided.
  • If we can relet your original dates (3 not including Xmas/New Year or Easter where no change of dates is possible within one month of your arrival), we will apply that value of any monies paid by you, to your amended dates. Any lesser difference in value between your original booking and subsequent reletting will be deducted from any balance transferred to your amended dates.


  • As all apartments are individually owned, bookings cannot be transferred between apartments.
  • Any transfer from one apartment to another will be regarded as a ‘cancellation’ for the apartment originally booked, and a ‘new booking’ for the sought apartment.
  • A weekly (7 night min) tariff cannot be split between different apartments.  For the weekly tariff to apply, 7 or more consecutive nights must be spent in the same apartment.


  • Items left by guests at Broadview Apartments will be posted to the guest at the guest’s expense.
  • Any items left, but too big to post, will be retained by us for 3 months from the date of check-out, for the guest to collect.  Items not collected within 3 months will be donated to a charity of our choice.